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A dress code is mandatory! If you don't enforce it, then lazy, ignorant, sloppy people will come to work looking terrible and present a bad image of the company. Might as well just weed all those people out from the start. Kohls is a great corporation. They care about their employees, all of who when they are first hired are getting paid MORE than minimum wage.

They feed their employees all the time, there are so many "food" days available. They care about the community, charity, donating time and money. In May at a So. IL store, corporate flew in a generator to power the entire Kohls building when an inland hurricane took power out for over two weeks. The store manager HIMSELF drove over 40 minutes with all the trees down the 40 minute drive was actually 6 hours to bring food back to feed employees and customers, even the non-paying ones!

They sometimes ask an employee if they have one if they are 1 credit application away from that day's goals. Come on people.

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Dress codes are for our own good. Both employees and those who find ourselves customers.

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It makes employees visible, there's dignity there. I'm not a manager of a Kohls, I have worked part time at one for a year, and love it.

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I would LOVE to have a black dress code. That way the business casual clothes I wear to work now could be saved for more appropriate occasions. And in the long run, take a look at your closet, I bet you've got a whole stack of black just sitting in there. So give it up. Next you'll be wanting restaurants to pay for their employee's water bill, shampoo, and detergent because they have to wash their clothes so much and take showers when they get home from work because they smell like food.

And if you're not grown up enough to dress a certain way, then I hope nobody ever hires you. And about the RED Target thing Green is the color of peas, and money.

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, but it's also the color people turn when they are suffocating. Get the point? In response to the comment above mine I work at Kohls. I make minimum wage. Yes, I had to get their card. No, they have never fed me food days?? I don't have a problem with the dress code though- plenty of thrift stores and consignment shops where I can find a decent shirt or two for a couple of bucks.

It's retail, I for one have never been into a store that didn't have some sort of dress code.

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First of all, Bloomingdale's makes the same amount as Kohl's. I work for Macy's and we make minimum wage. It is pretty stupid on how we have to pay for our black dress code, but most people buy stuff from the store they work at anyways, because usually that's what happens.

If you can buy regular clothes from the store you work at, you can buy black clothes also. But I'm pretty sure the reason why they do an all black dress code is to distinguish an employee from a customer even if the person has a nametag, sometimes you don't even pay attention. I worked at Kohls for 5 yars. During that time I was treated with respect. When I was complemented on the good job I was doing there was never a "but" attatched.

I had worked for national corporations before retirement and often treated with an attitude that they did not care about you. At Kohls they treat you well. We have a dress code that might be more business casual. Do not have to buy clothes from Kohls and have never been told to get their credit card. If you get a chance try working at a Kohls even part time, or for the holidays. I would not work at places that pay such low wages.