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Great Benefits, but poor leadership. The health benefits were amazing here when I worked there.

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However, I know that premiums skyrocketed because of Obamacare. So, they are not as good any more. I had 2 really great supervisors there. But, many of the supervisors were unprofessional, lacking in any type of leadership training. I saw a lot of my coworkers being treated very poorly on a consistent basis. The environment in my customer service department was very cut-throat, very political, unlike any other place I've ever been. It was shocking. On paper, the values of the company are decent. The pay was okay. Just some of the supervisors and managers there had just really low moral character in general and lacked in true leadership.

It made for some stress for myself and even worse for some of my coworkers.

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Leadership and maturity of supervisors and Customer Service Manager. Absolute perfect place to start a career When I first started working here. The way that the employees made you feel apart of something was amazing. I'm still in awe after 5 years now how this company improves on accepting everyone. A place to work. Ikea was a great place to work until new orgainzation and management took over. Nothing for co-workers now unless your management. No support from managers, store manager or HR. Has been an awful place to work since September, I have been there 4 years and loved coming to work.

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Enjoyable place to work! Great job if you want to be part time, but you can make IKEA into a career if you please. Recent organizational restructure can slow growth down. Less opportunities in store.

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Very fun and energetic workplace. It was a relaxed and fun place to work. Everyone including the managers are very friendly and I enjoyed going in to work. Would never have left if I did not have to relocate. More stress than its worth.

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When one first satrts at IKEA the orientation welcomes you in with open arms. Then the rug is pulled out from under you and the real store shows up. Poor management that only belittles its workers and treats them like dirt. Human resources was a joke and dont bother calling corporate to solve a problem.

It only comes back to bite you. The hardest part of the job was pretending to care after awhile. When management doesnt care about its workers it reflects poorly on the store itself. Low morale,bad attitudes and poor working conditions.

The most enjoyable part of the job was the fellow co-workers that made the job somewhat bearable. Anybody that knows IKEA knows that it can be confusing at times when it comes to explaining to customers that items do come in multiple pieces and can be found is separate locations. Must be able to be very detail oriented. Productive fun workplace. It's a good place to work. Good company, great pay, good management. Work life balance is unbeatable they are very understanding and will meet you in the middle to make a solution. Good place to work.

A day at IKEA was always as surprise cause you never knew what manager was on duty, or if it looked busy or will get busy that day. Management is very nice and will work around any problems that you may have. Not to many bad things to say about them other then worked a lot during work with school and such. Pay and benefits were good for a teenage. Great employees, all very nice and caring towards the company. This, by far, has had to be my most favorite job to date. I was a greeter at IKEA. I absolutely loved my job. I also had the privilege to work in Smaland.

I had to quit due to a move out of state. Very good company to work for. Review this company. Claimed Profile Review this company.

The untold truth of the IKEA food court

Want to know more about working here? Ask a Question. Overall rating 3. Women's ratings 3. Chris Spear, a chef who worked at an IKEA food-service operation, explains , "Their policy is to be the absolute lowest price on [an] item within a mile radius, even if it means selling at a loss. They're reinforcing the low-price profile of the store. It's the same thing other stores do with loss leaders to get you in the door That's okay IKEA figures that the next time they need a reasonably priced sofa, they'll come back.

In April , Sweden's official Twitter account inexplicably came clean with their country's "secret," tweeting , "Swedish meatballs are actually based on a recipe King Charles XII brought home from Turkey in the early 18th century. Let's stick to the facts! But lingonberry jam accompanying meatballs is damn near as Swedish as it gets! As for the rest of the menu?

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