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However, not all activity will stop. Agencies can continue to provide emergency services and services funded outside the appropriation process. The practical impact will therefore vary dramatically. Below is a more detailed description of the shutdown plans for many federal agencies:. For more information on how the shutdown could affect your business, or how to best negotiate its impacts if it occurs, contact: John Brew, Dan Cannistra, Michael Larmoyeux, Dj Wolff.


The U. Companies have an increasing array of venues and opportunities for advancing their commercial objectives through government-to-government trade negotiations. By the same token, the accelerating pace and overlapping nature of these negotiations will create particular challenges in terms of staying on top of fast-breaking developments and ensuring that opportunities are seized.

The TPP, which aims to knit together 12 North American and Asia Pacific economies, has been advancing at a near-glacial pace for the past three years. Since late summer, however, U. Trade Representative Michael Froman and his TPP counterparts have been pressing their respective negotiators to resolve outstanding issues in the hopes of teeing up breakthroughs that can be announced by trade ministers at the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC forum meeting in November. As of late September, senior negotiators were meeting virtually non-stop to hash out outstanding differences on issues such as intellectual property rights, disciplines governing state-owned enterprises, and a host of complex legal issues, along with tackling highly sensitive market access issues for agricultural products, textiles and clothing.

While prospects for fully concluding the TPP before the end of remain questionable, the political impetus to close a deal has become intense. Indeed, some U. Meanwhile, U. These meetings, scheduled for the second week of October, are likely to build on earlier discussions aimed at defining the scope, organizational structure, and respective priorities for this extremely ambitious and complex trade negotiation. The period between October and the anticipated next round of negotiations in December will be critical for U. As these two major regional free trade negotiations move ahead, U.

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The United States in recent days offered a proposal to open additional services sectors to foreign participation through the TISA, recognizing longstanding U. And while Geneva-based negotiations to expand duty-free treatment for information technology products are currently on hold as a result of China's perceived lack of ambition, those talks may also revive at some point in the coming months.

The concurrence of these major trade policy initiatives is placing considerable pressure on negotiators at the Office of the U. Trade Representative, an agency that was already struggling with significant budget and human resource constraints.

Section 321 Shipment Exemptions

The competing demands on the attention of U. Finally, on the legislative front, it remains possible that the Congress will, later this year, begin consideration of renewing Trade Promotion Authority, which authorizes the President to negotiate trade agreements on the basis of specific objectives authority which will be necessary to enable Congressional consideration of eventual final TPP and TTIP agreements.

In addition, Congress may be considering renewal of the Generalized System of Preferences GSP , a program providing duty-free import treatment for products originating from developing countries; GSP formally expired at the end of June and reactivation of the program requires new legislation.

We would welcome the opportunity to assist companies with strategy development and advice on engaging with negotiators. On September 16th, the EU General Court threw out sanctions imposed by the Council of the European Union against an entity whose assets had been frozen due to association with Iran's nuclear program.

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This growing divergence in designations threatens the consolidated front that the United States and the EU have developed in the last several years with respect to Iranian sanctions. More practically, more U. This trend further highlights the need for multinational countries to constantly monitor the ever-changing landscape of embargoes and economic sanctions in each of the jurisdictions to which they might be subject.

In September, the U. In keeping with recent trends, these per violations penalties are moderately higher than their historical averages:.

Explaining the customs clearance process

These settlements offer several lessons for U. First, OAC is increasingly willing to issue larger fines to punish allegedly prohibited behavior. Second, OAC's penalty to Digi-Key offers a reminder that information furnished by email is also subject to the antiboycott regulations and can get exporters into trouble. Finally, for the first time OAC has imposed a penalty for a recordkeeping violation. In the Laptop Plaza case, the five year required record retention period had expired. However, before the period expired, OAC had issued Laptop Plaza a subpoena which included these documents.

What is C-TPAT - Frequently Asked Questions | Descartes

Laptop Plaza's subsequent destruction of the documents in accordance with its normal record retention policy was thus a violation of the subpoena. The case thus serves as a warning to exporters to maintain vigilant compliance with both OAC's recordkeeping requirements and all OAC subpoenas.

This ruling states that importers should not manifest as empty any containers arriving as Instruments of International Trade IIT and having residual cargo. Instead, residue within these containers must be classified, entered and manifested. CBP has decided to launch a one-year, nationwide test program to enforce this ruling. This program will allow for a new residue entry that can be made off the manifest and is designed to account for residue in containers that will be cleaned or refilled.

According to the Federal Register notice regarding the new test program , any party not participating in this test will be required to classify, enter and manifest through formal or informal entry residual cargo according to the relevant statutes and their implementing regulations. The test will use existing functionality so no programming changes will be needed. There will also be no application process, which enables interested parties to begin participating in the test whenever they choose. Furthermore, there will be no additional bonding requirements for the test, and Air Cargo Advance Screening filings will not be required for containers with residue in the air environment.

Under the program, any container arriving clean i. Arriving containers that contain cargo in excess of a specified percentage of the total capacity of the container by weight or volume, using industry standards, must also be manifested. These percentages are:. A consumption entry will be required for each container, either formal or informal, depending on its value and applicable regulations. Entry requirements and duty payments as well as taxes and fees will continue to remain applicable as provided by law. Any arriving container with a total cargo capacity exceeding one of the above percentages by weight or volume, using industry standards, will be considered as containing residual cargo.

The container must therefore be manifested and entered as having residue. If the residual cargo has no commercial value i. CBP will release this merchandise under the low value mechanism of 19 U. This mechanism is when the carrier can waive the right to make a residue entry and the entry can be made off the manifest with no further documentary requirements if the container is below the set limits.

Therefore, no merchandise processing fee or harbor maintenance fee will be due.

Investigation of US Customs and Border Protection reveals history of alleged misconduct

Additionally, a manifest record indicating that a residue entry has been filed will be sufficient to meet recordkeeping requirements, which must be maintained by the entry filer. This change is necessitated due to current processing times for CJs approximately 60 days , as the final determinations for CJs submitted after September 1 will not be issued until after the effective date October 15, for the above referenced rule. DDTC noted this change does not affect those requests that have already been submitted and are under review. DDTC advises exporters and manufacturers to continue using the current control criteria on the U.

Munitions List until the new control criteria take effect on October 15, The notice may be found here. Reports indicate that operations have resumed at North Korea's Kaesong Industrial Complex, the neutral zone of economic cooperation between North and South Korea.

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  6. Products of Kaesong are treated as originating in North Korea for purposes of U. Other reports indicate that goods from Kaesong are often sold into international supply chains through neighboring countries, including Korea and China. Therefore, companies sourcing goods from Korea or China should screen suppliers to ensure that they are not receiving North Korean-origin goods.

    To continue reading this prior client alert, please click here. These amendments clarify registration requirements, the scope of brokering activities, prior approval requirements and exemptions, procedures for obtaining prior approval and guidance, and reporting and recordkeeping of such activities. This rule is effective October 25, ; however, parties may submit comments on this rule by October 10, The Department will publish a final rule notifying of any changes to the rule pursuant to public comment assessment.

    The interim final rule may be found here. After a lengthy legal battle, on September 16, a U. Specifically, the Court found that the Alavi Foundation, the majority owner of the skyscraper, provided services to the two minority owners who were acting as fronts for Iran's Bank Melli. This knowledge, explained in an page opinion, constituted a deliberate effort to help Iran, which violates the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and U. To enter the United States to attend: You need the following visa category: University or college F High School Private elementary school Seminary Conservatory Another academic institution, including a language training program Vocational or other recognized nonacademic institution, other than a language training program M.

    Foreign nationals may not study after entering on a visitor B visa or through the Visa Waiver Program VWP , except to undertake recreational study non-credit as part of a tourist visit. For short periods of recreational study, a Visitor B visa may be appropriate A visitor B visa permits enrollment in a short recreational course of study, which is not for credit toward a degree or academic certificate.

    Study leading to a U. Embassy or Consulate for a student F or M visa. You must present the Form I to the consular officer when you attend your visa interview. Visit the U. There are several steps to apply for a visa.