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Kaplan Bar Review was by far the most outstanding test prep course I have ever taken. Their ability to lay out the law and teach you how to apply the law is impeccable. Without their guidance and dedication to legal application, I don't know if I would have received the score I did. The support staff and professors are very knowledgeable on bar application, and they are quickly accessible by almost any means of communication. Kaplan's Bar Prep organization flowed naturally together, nothing seemed disjointed, and all the technology is very user friendly.

A word of advice: Figure out if you struggle with writing, multiple choice, organization, timing, etc. I knew I would struggle with organization and timing on writing. I sought out Kaplan's tutoring to help. Without them, my essays wouldn't have been up to snuff. Even if you just want a bit extra for peace of mind, consider Kaplan Tutoring.

I can't say enough about how wonderful Kaplan is. Their program really does go above and beyond. Hundreds of sample essays, thousands of multiple choice samples, focused on your needs and application of the law, and always accessible. I never thought that I would be a first time bar passer. It seemed liked all of the odds were against me. My law school's bar passage rate was seriously low the year before, I was towards the bottom of my law school class, I attended a low-performing undergraduate institution, I did not do well at all on the LSAT, I am a first generation college student, and a first generation American.

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I let the stats and the numbers get to my head and was ready for the worst. But what I have always had is work ethic.

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I wrote maybe 10 MPT's, roughly 50 essays, and countless multiple choice. Even with all this practice, I did not feel ready. Come exam day, I was very pleased to find that the real exam was just like practice. I followed the Kaplan Essay Writing Method throughout and your voice played in my head like a record player during the multiple choice. I know now that the key to passing the bar is hard work and dedication, not the stats that law school administrators constantly remind us of.

Highly recommend this program for any law student. Really affordable too compared to leading competitors. I found out this week that I passed the Alabama bar exam—thank you Kaplan! For those about to enter the process of bar review, expect to experience a lot of doubt throughout your studying. Managing that doubt is really what the game was all about for me. Instead they tell you what successful test takers do and they give you every tool to do it.

Kaplan takes the approach of giving you the real confidence based on hard work and experience. And they explain WHY they approach it the way they do which I thought was awesome—because at the end of the day I was the guy who had to sit down and take the test so I was the ultimate decisionmaker about how I would spend my time.

For me the essays were the most frustrating part of both bar review and the actual test experience. But I put the practice in and made myself suffer through the bad scores and feeling like I should have done better. And when I opened up that MPT book in the morning all I could focus on was the fundamentals that Kaplan had drilled into me. Then lunch break, quick nap in the car, caffeine then back to the grind with the MEEs. And it worked.

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My performance on the essay portion was even better than my MBE performance. One little postscript: When you start Kaplan bar review you are gonna hear all about the Chuck Norris of bar review, Chris Fromm. Chris Fromm, Chris Fromm. Fromm may haunt your dreams. But just wait until the sequel.

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They really set me up for success. And ALL the Kaplan instructors still haunt my dreams. Congrats on passing your bar exam! We're so proud of you for all of the hard work you put in to achieve this goal. The Kaplan Bar Exam prep team provided great support throughout bar prep. I took the live course, so we had a Kaplan rep.

Plus, the ask-an-expert tool made it easy to get quick answers to specific rule questions. I loved the unlimited graded essay option, even though I was a bit frustrated with it in the beginning because I kept getting the same grader. That particular grader only gave feedback on my writing style, not the rules I wrote, even when I was completely wrong which I figured out on my own after-the-fact!

There were a lot of really good lecturers throughout the course, which made absorbing so much info much less painful than it could have been. Taking the PMBR course from him was amazingly helpful! Overall, Kaplan was a great fit for me. I passed both parts of the bar exam on my first try, so that says it all. Thank you Kaplan! We're honored that you chose Kaplan for your Bar prep and wish you nothing but continued success. So, to cut to the chase, I took my state Bar Exam in July and passed my first time through.

I used Kaplan as my test prep and could not be happier. The regional support, Anna and Ashley, were involved and helpful and responded usually within 24 hours of a question. If they didn't know the answer, they knew who did and put me in contact.

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